Areas of expertise

For the company success, it is essential to adopt a winning credit management policy, organizing in a synergistic way the different profiles related to the credit recovery itself. With this in mind, the Bassoli Law Firm is particularly prompt in processing requests for intervention, paying the maximum attention to the analysis of cost-benefits and transparency of same, with the main objective of ensuring a management aimed at profitability. The care for the client is also manifested in a constant and prompt reporting and updating of the practices, analysis of the results obtained, as well as consultancy in the various steps to be taken, including support in the review of company contracts or their integration in the face of legislative or case law developments, in order to limit possible litigation.


The firm also operates in other areas of civil law, mainly related to the activities of the companies it assists, such as: CONTRACTS, CIVIL LITIGATION, BANKRUPTCY LAW, COMPANY LAW and REAL ESTATE

Debt Collection

As part of the debt collection activity, the Bassoli Law Firm supports clients in all phases of the procedures entrusted: from the out-of-court phase of pre-litigation, with the preliminary acquisition of Chamber of Commerce Company Registrations, registry office certificates, asset reports on debtors and issue of warnings, to the analysis and evaluation of the cost/benefit ratios of the recovery intervention, up to the completion of the judicial activity in its entire process, if deemed appropriate and/or necessary in relation to the debtor’s financial capacity and needs, also tax, of the client.


Still in the field of debt collection, the Law Firm has also gained significant experience in litigation against the Public Administration (ASL, hospitals, universities, ministries, municipalities and regions), offering its legal advice and assistance both in the out-of-court and in-court phases.


The Law Firm offers personalized assistance in the negotiation, drafting and review of contracts, sales agreements together with contracts regarding procurement, distribution, concessions and licences, mandates and agencies.

Civil litigation

The Law firm offers assistance in litigation, active or passive, regarding: sales, condominiums, real estate, leases, distribution, administration, leasing, factoring, banking contracts, loans, investment funds, user licenses, software, publishing, advertising, transport, professional liability.

Bankruptcy litigation

The Law firm offers advice and assistance in the field of: revocation cases, bankruptcy and complaint filings, proof of claim filings, adversary proceedings, composition with creditors and bankruptcy discharge procedures.

Company law

(in collaboration with the lawyer Daniele Giusto)

The Bassoli Law Firm offers legal advice and assistance in corporate matters, ranging from assembly issues to the review and drafting of statutes, from liability actions to the preparation of insolvency procedures.

Real Estate

(in collaboration with the lawyer Daniele Giusto)

The Law Firm offers consultancy for contracts regarding procurement, rent, loan for use and property leasing contracts, as well as assistance in: disputes, both active and passive, relating to property rights; negotiation for acquisitions, sales and leases of real estate; establishment of real estate companies and club deals;

negotiation of bank loans for construction works; renegotiation of loan agreements and mortgage loans.